Sprint Leagues

  • Teams will all be in a single division and will play each other team once.
  • Teams are responsible for organising and arranging their own matches, which should be booked in the normal way via your club.
  • Normal court fees apply.
  • All players will be added to a WhatsApp group for the league.
  • The league will be managed using the Matchspace App.
  • Teams are awarded 1 point for a win, 1 point for each set won and 1 point for participating.
  • The winning team in each division will receive a £30 Padel Corner voucher for each player.
  • Each team that completes all their games will receive a tube of 3 Slazenger padel balls for each player.
  • Play all 3 sets regardless of who wins the first 2 sets.
  • Modified Golden Deuce – play 1 normal deuce per game. If it returns to deuce, the second time is Golden (next point wins) with the receiving team deciding which of them will receive the serve.
  • First pairing to 6 games wins a set.
  • If the score gets to 5-5, one pairing must win the next two games to win the set.
  • If the score reaches 6-6 in the set, a tiebreak to 7 is played.
  • The first pairing to win seven points, by two, wins the tie-break and the set ends as 7-6.
  • All matches must be played at the hosting club.
  • Changing ends – if at least one team would like to, players should swap ends after the 1st, 3rd and every subsequent odd game in the set. In a tie break, players should swap ends after every 6 points. If a mistake is made and ends are not swapped, even though they were intended to, the correction should be made as soon as possible. All points played before the error was discovered are still valid.